Virtual reality

Virtual Reality is a multimedia information suite with special visual effects and a complete package of different types of information available to audiences, including Continuous 360 degree views of one place.

Viewers through scroll, zoom in, or move between simulated locations can move simulative and see all the details and angles in the place. 360 degree photos and videos, audio and music description, textual information, single photos or gallery of photos, video clips, live streaming, geolocation, building plans, web pages, links to file types and subscriptions Embedded in social networks are a variety of media formats of information available on virtual tours that all of them assembled together and with special animations, visual and graphic features, provides dozens of technical and functional capabilities for users.

This technology is designed and implemented to the customer’s needs in three formats: 360photo, 360 film and modeling space.

Building virtual reality based on virtual reality glasses for industries, stores, hotels, offices and businesses can play a central (main) role.

Designing a virtual reality app 

Designing a virtual reality application with the latest and most advanced programming languages in the world and tailor-made to your special needs in virtual reality services, with the help of two 3D simultaneous photo and video players in the realm of virtual reality On mobile phones and virtual reality glasses.

360° video (film)

Film is a completely new media on today’s screens. In 360 film, the users having dominance in content. This type of film is fluid, comprehensive and heuristic. Now, it is not virtual reality but real life that is fully recorded.

360° photo 

 in 360 photography , the taken photo are assembled on the sphere or cubic which is mapped before.

Main parts of virtual reality application

Content Categories

As virtual reality applications typically cover a wide variety of content, so a proper categorization structure will increase users’ viewership of the content and increase the level of user-friendliness of the app.

Main Forum

The main forum is actually a showcase for displaying virtual reality content. The video display index on this page is one of the most notable topics.


Once your app is released to the community, given users’ willingness to share 360 photos and 360 videos, the ability to share content across different scenarios will be defined and implemented.

Features of videos

Expression of video specifications (features) along with commenting can confirm or deny the quality of the uploaded content.

Search and filter

Searching among thousands of virtual reality videos is definitely not an easy task. The presence of advanced filters can help the user to achieve the desired content and cause user’s satisfaction.

Powerful display

One of the main technical features of a virtual reality application is their strong display. The strong display performance in the app is directly related to user satisfaction.

Virtual Tour Portfolio 

Virtual Tour of the Museum of Fine Arts

Virtual tour of pardis stone factory

Virtual tour of Javad stone factory

Mr. stone virtual tour

  • Virtual reality technology can minimize the boundary between reality and the virtual world as one feels in the same virtual environment and thus respond to what is happening in the virtual world.

  • There are many tourist attractions that users can visit before they are physically present with the capabilities that virtual reality images provide.

  • VR (Virtual Reality) is rapidly becoming a vital and effective part of teaching and learning. There are now thousands of VR training videos on the Internet that are growing in number every day.

  • In the sport, virtual reality technology has a lot to say. It is possible to see all the movements of athletes and sports moments from different angles with the help of virtual reality. You can even be with your favorite team in a foul scenes or soccer argument in field(pitch).

  • Using a headset to get military information and parachute jumping training is just one part of virtual reality applications in the military industry.

  • In medicine, there are countless uses of virtual reality. For example, this technology is used to treat anxiety by gradually placing the patient in a frightening position by the physician to improve the patient.

  • It’s three months. And then an annual support contract is signed if required by the customer.

  • The key roles of virtual reality in advertising are to showcase the capabilities of companies, industries and centers that want to introduce their services and products.

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