UI/UX designing

In a world where the use of websites and applications and web services is growing rapidly, it is important to know how these systems interact with users.

Graphic design knowledge has put designers on the path to a transformative user experience to see   graphic site and Android graphics in a different way. Leading businesses need to value the experience they create for their audience (users). The achievement of reputable brands such as Google and many reputable websites and apps is evidenced by the creative site graphics.

Color balance, custom font selection, user-friendly design, audience behavior analysis, accessible and beautiful design and many other features have made Sivan UI / UX design services a stand-alone service for other software companies.

The process of designing the user experience in Sivan begins with identifying stakeholders and researching about users.

معرفی طراحی گرافیک -شتاب دهنده سیوان

First stage: identifying stakeholders

Before design knowledge can be used for a project, project stakeholders and project users must be identified.

Second stage: user research

To ensure the quality of the designed experience, it is important to do User Research to identify the target groups and the Usability Test for each project.

Third stage: Information architecture

Based on the visual identity of your business, project content creation and information architecture is performed and the information structure is finalized at this stage.

The Stages of UI/UX designing 

طراحی وب اپلیکیشن | وب اپ | ساخت وب اپلیکیشن

Fourth stage: Plan development

Based on the documentation provided in steps 1, 2 and3 (previous stages), the initial design is prepared in one or two proposed formats and reviewed for finalization with the client.

Fifth stage: User Test

The execution process of designed scenario in the form of a schematic is presented to the users and the test results are archived to finalize the scheme. The user test procedure should be followed and monitored at different application periods.

مراحل کار طراحی UI/UX 

مرحله ۱: شناخت ذی نفعان

قبل از اینکه دانش طراحی برای یک پروژه استفاده شود، بایستی ذینفعان پروژه و کاربران اصلی پروژه شناسایی شوند.

مرحله ۲: پژوهش کاربر

برای اطمینان از کیفیت تجربه طراحی شده ، انجام پژوهش برروی کاربر (User Research) به منظور شناخت گروه های هدف و آزمون کاربردپذیری (Usability Test) متناسب با هر پروژه اهمیت زیادی دارند.

مرحله ۳: معماری اطلاعات

بر اساس هویت بصری موجود در کسب و کار شما، تولید محتوا و معماری اطلاعات پروژه انجام و ساختار اطلاعات در این مرحله نهایی می شود.

مرحله ۴: توسعه طرح

بر اساس مستندات تهیه شده در مراحل ۱ و ۲ و ۳، طرح اولیه با یک یا دو فرمت پیشنهادی تهیه و برای نهایی شدن با مشتری بررسی می شود.

مرحله ۵: آزمون کاربری

فرآیند اجرائی سناریوی طراحی شده در قالب یک طرح شماتیک به کاربران ارائه می شود و نتایج آزمون کاربری به منظور نهایی سازی طرح، بایگانی می شود. روند آزمون کاربری، ثابت و بایستی در دوره های مختلف اپلیکیشن دنبال و بررسی شود.

  • The user experience involves a variety of behaviors, attitudes, and feelings of a user in using a particular product, system, or service.

  • The terms UI and UX are often used interchangeably. While the two differ greatly, they are as follows:

    • The UI is only part of the UX. All are a UX product and are used to influence audiences. While the UI falls under its subset and is used for UX purposes.
    • In order to have a UX design, psychological concepts must be carefully considered. So it’s kind of an abstract design. While UI design uses visual and visual tools such as images, videos, diagrams, and more.
  • Yes, a proposal will be sent after the meeting or video conference is defined.

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