Startup accelerator

  • Those looking for a business start-up but stop at the start of the road because of many obstacles, such as lack of knowledge and experience, lack of funds, lack of trusted advisor. Sivan Accelerator as a startup can eliminate existing obstacles with the help of modern science as much as possible.
  • Those who aspire to grow their own great ideas but don’t know the solution. By recognizing your talents and skills, Sivan Accelerator identifies people with common goals and helps nurture and accelerate by forming a powerful team.
  • Those who are wandering, worthless, looking for a secure base for advice and a new model for investing in knowledge-based companies. Sivan Accelerator will be by your side to get acquainted with new startups and support you in monitoring their performance.
معرفی خدمات پشتیبانی -شتاب دهنده سیوان

Steps of acceleration

Fields of activity

Application Generation

Design and implementation of startup development platform based on web, Android and iOS applications.

Preparing a business plan

Developing a startup business plan with business, legal, system, data, technology and financial approaches.

market research

Market research and integrated documentary formulation in marketing and sales.

Digital Marketing

Introducing startups in the context of digital marketing and physical advertising services.

Attract Investor

Fundraising for startups that have gone through first growth process.

Training and counseling

Training and consulting for startup executive, management and administrative teams to increase productivity.

Providing human resources

Providing professional human resources and training them to show up alongside successful startups.

Content Generation

Content is king and in order to have a successful startup we need to have a greater share of startup related content.

Dedicated (specialized) hosting

Providing hosting services with special support for startups

Sivan’s companions

  • Yes, Help to attract investors for a startup under Sivan’s acceleration is one of our services. Contact us for information.

  • before attract investor, your startup should be evaluated by our experts.

  • Keep in mind that ideas are less attractive to investors than ready-made products. If you insist on attracting an investor, we suggest you validate your idea at first.

  • Documents that investors generally demand at this stage are a Business Plan, a one-year Action Plan, and a three to five-year Cash Flow Projection. You can count on us to prepare them. Contact us for tariffs on these services.

  • Startups usually face these problems due to non-compliance with business standards. Count on us to fix the issues. We guide you.

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