Online shop designing

designing an online shop provides you with a collection of practical facility to deliver online your products and services in the fastest time possible.

Due to the availability of online shopping platform and increasing customers’ desire for this style of ordering, the vibrant presence of online shop in the network (virtual space) is a topic of interest.

There are many factors that make an online shopping popular. Designing an online store should somehow instill a sense of security in shopping and trust for the user and make him a permanent customer.

Customer satisfaction at the first visit to your store determines his return to your store. This is also the case in the online shop.

An online shop can work for you as a professional salesman when it is designed based on the principles of shopping psychology, intuitive elements, understanding customer behavior in shopping and accurate sales strategy.

Sivan helps you set up your online shop confidently in specialized consulting sessions.

طراحی وب اپلیکیشن | وب اپ | ساخت وب اپلیکیشن

Sivan’s standards in online shop design

Sivan, as the best web design company in Iran, has certain criteria for website design, some of which are as follows:

Web Design and Business Client Compliance

Attractiveness and uniqueness of the site

Compliance with all SEO rules and regulations

Highest site loading speed

Being responsive and displaying correctly on mobile and tablet

Correctly and validated run on all standard web browsers

Special design and no use of generic templates and codes

Determine fair cost for the customer

Monitoring the website in terms of bandwidth consumption

Updating the modules used on the client’s website

Timely execution of the project according to contract

طراحی اپلیکیشن اندروید | طراحی نرم افزار اندروید

Step one: architecture

Before you begin, website architecture is defined and documented according to your business plan and utilized as a road map throughout the route

طراحی وب اپلیکیشن | وب اپ | ساخت وب اپلیکیشن

Step two: designing

Depending on the visual identity of your business, specific graphics will be used. These designs should identify your site’s visual identity.

طراحی نرم افزار اندروید | طراحی اپلیکیشن اندروید | طراحی وب اپلیکیشن | وب اپ | ساخت وب اپلیکیشن

Step three: implementation

At this stage, the implementation of the approved graphic designs will begin, and the coding and configuration work of the modules will be done .

Process steps

طراحی وب اپلیکیشن | وب اپ | ساخت وب اپلیکیشن
طراحی نرم افزار اندروید | طراحی اپلیکیشن اندروید | طراحی وب اپلیکیشن | وب اپ | ساخت وب اپلیکیشن

Step four: test

Website performance testing is required after completion of the implementation phase. this test is not limited to the possibilities test and also is monitored with an artistic and technical approach by a variety of audiences.

Step five: Search engine registration

Introducing the website to search engines is the final step in website design and this is the beginning of SEO services.

The main parts of an online store


The home page of online shopping website is like a storefront, and all discounts and offers should be defined in it. This page is the most important web page. Whether or not a customer logs into your online shop site depends on the home page.

Search and filter products ability

 The variety of products available on the store website is usually high, so for enhancing the user-friendly level, advanced tools should be used in online shop website to filter products.

Various payment methods

Creating a variety of payment methods for the user, including online payment, on-site payment, download for payment, wallet, etc., in addition to facilitating the shopping process, will increase the user confidence of your shop website.

Professional shopping cart

The most use (usage) for member users in your shop is the cart (bag) section, so the user must be able to reach the checkout stage with a few clicks and not be involved in complex processes to add the product to the cart.

Product Specifications (features)

The product introduction model in an online store demonstrates the quality of products. For example, if the products were photographed with regular cameras, your store would not look good, and if the information for the products inserted was not transparent, the user would be confused about the product choice and may be reluctant to buy.

Compare Products

Too many similar products in a store may make the customer unable to make a decision and may be reluctant to buy. For this purpose, product comparison tools based on users’ characteristics and opinions can help the customer to make the final purchase decision.

Online shop website portfolio

  • You first need to set clear goals and expectations for having a website. Then check out how the active websites work in your field to determine what can be presented on your website. Finally, by researching, select a reputable company to design your website.

  • Given the Internet penetration rate in the country and the number of high internet users, the presence of economic activists in this context is inevitable. On the other hand, because of the rising costs of paper and printing and the disadvantages of this type of advertising, you should have a 24/7 notification base that will introduce you to the customer even during breaks.

  • Since your website is active like a 24-hour branch, descending it, is like closing your company or shop. Therefore, it is suggested that for security reasons, fixed access and firm legal support be contracted with site design companies. Even if for some reason you want to contract directly with the designer, be sure to contract with a site design company.

  • Yes, it’s possible and the cost of the program source depends on the type of the project.

  • The lowest cost for designing a corporate website is 3000 dollars.

  • It’s three months. And then an annual support contract is signed if required by the customer.

  •  Yes, free and full training is provided once, along with delivery of training videos to the customer.

  • After reviewing the domain and the panel, the possibility of doing so is determined and announced.

  • Sivan provides a complete user-friendly tutorial on content editing for you so you can easily edit your website content at no cost.

  • The main difference between these two ports is the cost of depositing money through the online interface port. Using a direct online portal will give your customers more credibility. On the other hand, for those with limited time, the online interface of the interface is activated in less than an hour and has no complicated administrative process.

Frequently asked questions

طراحی نرم افزار اندروید | طراحی اپلیکیشن اندروید | طراحی وب اپلیکیشن | ساخت وب اپلیکیشن | وب اپ | وب اپلیکیشن

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