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Follow (experience) the mentor or startup business coach registration with a different approach in Sivan. If you are as an experienced person in startup field and knowledge based startup business and would like to have intellectual support for startup teams and knowledge based startups, you can submit your request by completing the Mentor registration form to Contribute to the development of a new generation of entrepreneurs.  Your presence in among of accredited university professors, successful startups, management experts, and consultants is a proud honor of Sivan. After completing the Mentor registration form, experts from the Sivan Accelerator Unit will contact you and a meeting will be held.

Mentor registration will be defined by two approaches, group and proprietary.

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اصفهان ، میدان احمدآباد ، خیابان ولیعصر، خیابان خواجه نظام الملک ، نبش کوچه 3ساختمان اداری ، طبقه 4
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