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معرفی فرصت های سرمایه گذاری -شتاب دهنده سیوان

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Health and Medical


Fashion and Apparel

Educational and cultural

art and architecture

Marketing and Sales


electronic commerce

make smart

Food industry

Hobbies and sports

Tools and Applications

Artificial intelligence

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Cloud services

Types of Investors

Angel Investors

Investors who want to invest in startups. And they usually invest in the first stages.


The kind of short-lived growth centers that provide capital and place, training, mentoring and networking, and, in return, take a percentage of startup stock. Investors in this category also invest in the first phases.

Venture Capital Companies

These companies typically invest in the higher phases, usually after the startup has achieved product alignment with the market. Depending on the amount of investment in the different phases (first, second and…), they are divided into different categories.

Startup investment advisory

  • Dear investor, please provide a clear and accurate answer to the following questions, otherwise you would be at great risk:
  • What percentage of startup can you own?
  • What interventions can you have in the startup management system?
  • How do you evaluate startups before joining the company?
  • How is the spiritual value of startup measured (determine)?
  • What formula to calculate investor share?
  • How much is proper investing on your startup?
  • how much investment is better to start?
  • in which part of the startup is it better to use early invest?
  • What is your reasonable expectation of return on investment?
  • What is your maximum risk?
  • What do you think are the startup attractions for investing?
  • What is your maximum risk?
  • What do you think are the startup attractions for investing?
  • What do you think is the legal process and contracts required to invest in startups?
  • What are your expectations for the startup business plan in the next 1- 5 years?
  • Ideologists want to show more value for startups but investors tend to underestimate startups.
    The important question is whether investing in a powerful startup is better or a growing startup

Different ways to attract startup investment at different stage

As the startup goes through its life cycle and progress, there are several ways to raise capital (investment)

Seed Phase (birth)

At this point, the startup founder loses part of his stake and gets the capital it needs. In this way the amount of capital can be from 12000 to 22000 USD.


In this phase, with the concept of self-sufficiency, the startup founder is developing his startup, using his savings, family support, borrowing and small income from the idea. In this way, the minimum required capital is up to 3000 USD.

First round (series A)

From this phase on, VCs start investing, which the amount of capital invested by the founder of Startup is a combination of accepting services and cash capital of up to 5% of startup stocks. The amount of capital accepted at this stage can be in range of 22000 to 43000 USD.

Second round (series B)

At this point, the startup founder is prepared to accept capital according to the new horizons being discovered and as a result, a percentage of stake will be divested. The capital acceptance rate at this stage is much higher, at around 70000 to 142000 USD.

Higher rounds (Series C, D, …):

At this point, your startup will become a profitable business, and you will need to absorb higher capital to manage it and go ahead of competitors. Note: The capital numbers provided are approximate and indigenous in Iran, but in foreign cases the amounts are much higher.

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