Digital marketing services

Digital marketing is the use of digital solutions to sell more services and products in cyberspace. This marketing method is more dependent on the Seo’s site (Search Engine Optimization).

One of the best digital marketing methods is Seo where there is a lot of competition. This way by optimizing the site, you can get more targeted audience with the help of search engines. In fact, SEO cannot be compared to any other advertising method because the target audience for your products and services will be your most targeted audience because they are looking for your product or service according to their actual need. Content production is among the most important SEO indicators.

Services such as content generation, social networking updates, content publishing, news campaigns and digital marketing management are also provided to keep you in cyberspace.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Before proceeding for SEO operation, it is necessary to check the disadvantages of the website, the status and activity of competitors in order to save time and cost for SEO. If you try to implement SEO, SEO costs will increase due to lack of proper structure in the process of website activity. One of the best ways to grow a website is to improve the internal SEO of the website.

For this purpose, the first step in SEO services is to provide a basic SEO report of the website, on the basis of which SEO operations plan is selected and SEO services operational. The basic package is described below.

SEO Plans

According to Google’s new strategy, using backlinks and similar tools to improve website rankings reduces website rankings irreversibly. According to Google’s new algorithm, SEO work is performed on the basis of the index of the number of entries per site, which is the key criterion for the growth, ranking and stabilization of the website status.

For this purpose, based on the number of guaranteed entries according to the following table plans, after performing the necessary steps within a period of 1 to 6 months, the number of entries to the site according to the chosen plan should reach 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 400 users per day.  And this number of entries is guaranteed for 6 months.

SEO packages

The SEO packages are as follows to ensure the number of entries for a 6-month period after seo operation.

پلن سئو تعداد ورودی در روز
Plan1 50
Plan3 200
Plan4 300
Plan5 500
Plan6 1000

Seo basic report

Basic Package Report is a roadmap for SEO services. Sivan’s suggestions are in laying out the basic package for delivering your website to the desired goals, as follows. (The numbers provided are just an example.)

  • Minimum score for index = 35
  • Minimum prerequisite (authority) for index = 40
  • Google minimum page color for index = 1
  • Minimum Average Internal and External SEO Quality = 40%
  • Minimum Linking For Index = 2476 Signal
  • Minimum social signal for index = 86471 signal
  • Minimum visitor per page (within 3 months) = 45000 visitor
  • Maximum balance rate for Index = 50%
  • Minimum page view for index = 2
  • Minimum average user shelf life for index = 1 minute and 30 seconds

These are the goals we need to achieve until the goal of SEO is achieved.

Basic package service list

  • Check the status of the internal SEO of the website
  • Check the speed of website loading
  • Enable Google tools such as Webmaster, Analytics, etc. to check and analyze site status
  • Check and find relevant keywords to the amount of users searching and the amount of competition for these keywords.
  • Conduct the necessary studies to produce appropriate content
  • Activate a social network account
  • Check and analysis of foreign seo
  • Analyzing the situation of competitors
  • Investigation of the amount of power of the authority domain
  • Investigating the behavior of users

Content Generation

In this service, the Sivan team defines the content generation strategy for your business by reviewing your competitors and the status of your business in cyberspace.

Some of the indicators we consider in content generation are as follows:

  • organizational goals
  • Customer Character Recognition
  • Branding
  • Content scheduling and calendar
  • Specifying Content Topics
  • Keywords and Keywords
  • Determine the content structure
  • Content Design and Distribution Network Design
  • Content control
  • The faster the website loads, the greater the user satisfaction. If a website is running late, some users are more likely to close the web page due to a delay in loading. Closing web pages increases the jump rate and increases the percentage of website uselessness and as a result the website loses its place in Google pages. GTMetrix is used to check the speed of website loading.

  • content is king in seo, but if you publish the incorrect content, it works inversely and It will cause irreversible damage to your website. If content is firsthand for your website but SEO principles are not met at the time of content creation, SEO experts in sivan will review the content of your website and adjust it for SEO to get better results in Google’s search engine.

  • Success criterion of seo is to report the number of website entries based on google analytic report.

    You can also view analytical Google reports.

    • 50% of contract cost as prepayment
    • 40% of contract cost at the start of the 4 month guaranteed period (for daily entries according to selected plan)
    • 10% of contract cost after end of the 4 month guaranteed period (for daily entries according to selected plan)
    • Note: if you don’t get result according to contract, your payment will be refunded by Sivan.
  • This is very important and if the website is down for more than 7 days, Sivan is not responsible for fulfilling its obligations and the prepayment are not refunded to client.

  • It is from 1000 to 1500 characters.

  • In addition to web site updates, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram and Apparat are updated.

  • The standard content production model is based on gathering information and integrating it into one content. You choose the topic and the selection of search reference is done by Sivan.

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