Augmented Reality Services (AR)

AR technology provides attractive capabilities for customers who need to display a variety of content information such as image galleries, movies, and Target-based 3D files.

Augmented reality is a live physical view that adds elements to the real world.

Augmented reality usage include 3D modeling, augmented reality games, augmented reality training, augmented reality advertising.

Augmented Reality Models

in the following, a variety of models for implementing augmented reality projects are explained.

واقعیت افزوده (augmented reality) -شتاب دهنده سیوان

 Marker Based Augmented Reality

The marker-based augmented reality (image recognition) uses a camera and some sort of visual marker such as the QR / 2D code and produces the result when the marker senses a specific case. Marker-based applications use the camera to detect markers from any particular object in the real world.

Simple patterns such as QR code are used as markers because they can be easily identified and do not require much processing to be recognized. It also calculates position and direction, and shows some types of content or information about the marker.

No-marker augmented reality

One of the applications that is used in augmented reality. This type of program is implemented without a location-based cursor.

Non-marker Augmented Reality uses GPS, digital compass, speedometer or accelerometer. The device works to provide information based on your location. The key requirements in augmented reality technology are widespread access to smartphones and their location detection features.

It is mostly used for route mapping, finding nearby businesses, and other mobile-centric applications.

واقعیت افزوده (augmented reality) -شتاب دهنده سیوان
واقعیت افزوده (augmented reality) -شتاب دهنده سیوان

 Projector-based Augmented Reality

Projector-based Augmented Reality Design works on real-world surfaces by helping to design and create artificial light. Projector-based Augmented Reality programs are designed to interact by sending light to a level of the real world. User interaction is done by distinguishing between the expected prediction and the desired design.

Another interesting projection-based augmented reality application is the use of plasma laser technology for interactive 3D interactive 3D hologram design.

Superimposition based Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality is based on the integration of images, in whole or in part, by replacing the original view of an object with a fresh, completed view of the same object. In integrated augmented reality, object detection plays an important role, because if the program fails to detect the object it will not be able to replace the original view with an augmented object.

واقعیت افزوده (augmented reality) -شتاب دهنده سیوان
لپ تاب

Sivan’s Augmented reality application

Sivan’s Augmented reality application with name of XRIRAN is in the process of being introduced to the market.

XRIRAN is a constant platform for all of the projects are based on augmented reality and provides services to companies and individuals who need to present (show) augmented reality contents.

Users refuse to install any proprietary app on their phone to see the augmented reality content, but having Fixed tool for displaying augmented reality content on the phone makes it easier to use this technology, so XRIRAN application save your augmented reality content on cloud platform and display them to users.

Users put their mobile on special target and see your augmented reality content.

Some of features of XRIRAN application are as follows:

  • The ability to display audio, image, video content on a variety of business card, catalogs, posters and packaging.
  • The ability to pause, drag or drop videos at runtime.
  • Full-screen augmented reality playback on a mobile screen with a manual Focus feature.
  • The Ability to store downloaded augmented reality information on the phone.

Download the demo of augmented reality app (business card)

Augmented Reality Application Portfolio 

The main parts of the augmented reality app

Augmented Reality Detector (Home)

After installing the app, the user encounters an image identifier that guides them to locate on the target phone and use augmented reality content.

Target Archive

This section (part) contains the Target files for downloading Targets, so that users who do not have Target can select their target and download it.


Here’s the guide to using the app.


This section contains our contact information and contact form.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) is a living, physical symbol that interacts directly or indirectly with the user in a way that adds elements to the user’s real world, making it more interactive and accurate.

  • Virtual reality and augmented reality are inverse reflections of eachother. Virtual reality is digital entertainment in the context of the real world, while augmented reality lays bare the real world by adding virtual elements.

  • The difference is in the Target volume and content limitations in the offline Augmented Reality app. The total volume of each app in Offline Augmented Reality cannot exceed 2 MB, while there’s not a volume limit in Online Augmented Reality

    • Cost of loading and settings related to content and Target in the app
    • Application Design Costs If you want to use dedicated augmented reality services
    • Hosting costs associated with XRIRAN online augmented reality application services
    • Given the new augmented reality technology, it’s best to use Sivan’s free consulting services and then make a decision.
  • Service tariffs vary according to the key Target / Content Indicators depending on the number of requests and are specified and submitted in the proposal.

  • Before we started the event by distributing catalogs or business cards to the audience, we actually gave them Target. The user watches the welcoming video by pointing his mobile camera at this card or catalog.

    As users enter the gallery and hold a mobile’s camera toward thing like wall and for example, they watch a video of your production line.

  • Suppose we want to teach a student one of the laws of physics or chemistry.

    The student looks at all the scientific concepts in a 3D simulated file format by placing his or her phone on the screen.

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