History of Sivan

Sivan founder’s professional activity in Isfahan Scientific and Research Town started in 2011 in the field of providing smart solutions with information technology approach. Avin Rasam Sivan Company with Sivan brand and registration number 52071 with national ID 1400408933 has been established by Mr. Saeed Heidari Esfahani as its Managing Director and has started its official activity on May 28, 2014.

Sivan Software Group (c1) in ups and downs of progress way, has successfully registered the International Sivan brand) Advert No. 298059 in providing IT solutions by joining the Isfahan Chamber of Commerce and partnering with other accredited associations and universities, including Isfahan University of Technology. and in addition to providing services to compatriots domestically, it also provides services to foreign companies.

We strive to (try to) expand Sivan’s large family by focusing on design and development services, accelerated services and community activities.

لپ تاب

sivan’s managing director speech

Thank god that over years, sivan software group’s efforts have always been to provide the best solutions and services for customers. Thanks to our dear collaborators and customers that along this path, with their accompaniment, we have shown our growth in developing professional values.

We are always striving to be a sustainable business partner with relying on Sivan’s technological, financial and human resources capabilities. with back of close communication with domestic and foreign scientific institutions, we always follow updating technical knowledge, basic technology solutions and infrastructure as a priority.

Saeed heidari esfahani

لوگو شتاب دهنده سیوان

Mission and Vision

The mission is to create the highest added value for customers’ businesses through software and technology solutions as well as to create powerful startups for companies and individuals who want to make a positive difference in human lives.

Creating, developing, publishing and accelerating IT-based opportunities and solutions to create a better world, more dynamic businesses, and more prosperous businesses.


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Company Name (English): Avin Rasam Sivan
Brand (Brand): Sivan
Brand registration number: 298059
Registration number: 52071
National ID: 14004089335
Economic number: 411455579649
Chamber of Commerce Serial Number: 2520597818

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