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Sivan accelerator focused on startups and knowledge-based businesses, its activity has begun with a different approach from 2013. Idea owners and entrepreneurs can develop and commercialize their designs, services and products using the opportunities provided.

we provide customized services for design and development, training, specialist consulting, recruitment to accompany entrepreneurs to their peak.  To do this, you need to submit your first idea in the startup registration section, we will contact you after your idea pass the initial evaluation.


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Startup Acceleration

defining, developing, publishing and accelerating of opportunities and IT-based solutions to create a better world, more dynamic businesses and thriving economy is Sivan’s vision.  The presence of executives and experts at Sivan alongside your brand will undoubtedly guarantee your success. You’ll see your startup growth in the shortest possible time with the startup accelerator unit, and you will absorb capital in professional structure.

we always strive to create value-added for our customers and partners by focusing on design and development services, acceleration services and online services and Taking advantage of credit infrastructure and human and financial resources and acceleration of Sivan Company.

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One of the biggest and major problems for companies, especially knowledge-based companies, is the commercialization and sale of products. Sivan Commercialization Department after evaluating and qualifying products, by joining Sivan Commercialization cycle based on membership in one of the 7 specialized clubs (business), (investment), (business and entrepreneurship), (business), (Health), (Technology & Startup), (Educational, Cultural & Tourism), follows the commercialization process.

How to Work with us

The distinctive service of the Sivan Software Group is the result of the efforts of dedicated and expert colleagues by relying on values rather than rules.

In order to achieve the goals, we believe that our interests are tied to the interests of our customers and that Sivan’s brilliance is the honor of each member of this large family.

We are looking forward to joining the big sivan family


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